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two teen boys

two teen boys started this conversation
may reach me at:
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 in response to two teen boys...   Here are some numbers to contact and ask for help:
USDA - 614-255-2500

Findlay Office 419-422-0242

Hillsboro area 937-393-1921

Marietta area 740-373-7113

wooster area 330-345-6791

phone 330-375-2050

Alliance Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program

phone 440-992-7127

Bowling Green
phone 419-352-1262

phone 330-489-3040

Cincinnati Buyer trraining Classes

phone 216-664-4074

phone 614-645-8526

phone 937-333-3670


phone 419-221-5146


phone 440-974-5740

phone 513-425-7766

phone 419-627-5825

phone 937-324-7368

Steubenville - Home Repair Program

Zanesville - Housing Rehabiltation Program
phone 740-455-0666

These ought to give you something to work on and remember. Ask questions. Ask if they know of a program you are looking for.
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two teen boys
 in response to Sandav1...   I havent been helped yet no. I messaged one other girl in here once an she was as lost as i was in the sight unsure of how to use it an how it worked if it worked she didnt know either. the only person who seems to know how it works or had suggestions for me as to look for help was i went where he said an still fumbled around an was unable to find help. I odnt know what i am doing..
dont see numbers to call or ??i am lost.
Talk to two teen boys
two teen boys
 in response to Sandav1...   Good Monring..Nope i havent figured out how to get help yet. You are only the second perosn who has contacted me or messaged me in tring to help in some way. I spoke to one other peson besideds you an she was only answering a message i sent to her. I ask her if she knew how to use this site ..she told me she didnt really know either an that was pretty much the conversation with her. every where i see is for out of state .
I live in erie,or loain Ohio .
I would love to find a place i could afford in firelands school distric so my youngest could finish next yeat out in his same school. There are alot more services in lorain county then in the one the boys an I live right now (erie)county. erie everything is closed an i am on the edge of the county so i cant use lorain county to event try to get to anything erie might offer(food serivrces,clothing ect..)i would have to drive about a then look at that cost to me in dollars with Gas just to get there an back. eekk so I am stuck. I wish i could find a house to rent in lorain county but in south amherst,oblerin on the edge of so to stay ion firelands schools . We do qualify for a whole bunch of servieces though they have to be ..being offered an they arent . most of erie county things have been closed for years an when the opoen ..they post in newspaper. Why i dont know.If i could aford to have the news paper every day or on weekends i probely wouldnt need help with my other services. becauses then i would have extra blow right? So i cant aford news paper an they never know or tell you when if they might open the section 8 or public housing you havent a clue when this might happen so apparently onoly the people who can afford to receive newspaper deliverly arent eh ones who know of that servidce opeing na ruish down there an then the doors are closed an filled all spots again. This last two years has been really hard on me quite a struggle. I have probley aged 10 years in just the last two. my oldest son who has the special needs.. i try to help him..he takes alot to put up with him. he does take meds to help him thnk an moods an complusivenes. but the meds help but we go up an down on how we are doing from day to day. The struggles he goes through i go through the same for my younger son. i can feel everything that they do. thats how close i am to them emotionaly. my youngest son can make freinds an is able to socialy fix in most of the time. but my oldest son i wish i could find him a friend. i try to help him but in everything there is a double edged sword. Me being mom i look at both the good an the bad an see which is best for him..aan then thats what we do. I want him to be able to make freinds an have a buddy. he is a nice boy..though he wants a regualr freind . my son has slower proseccing but he can talk write ,read,tie his shoe,but hasnt ever really had such a simple things as a buddy or freind to hang with xbox 360 games with ect. i had thought about big brother an sisiter sorta thing but i was always afraid of when he was younger an wasnt such a good speaker ..he would be mistreated by one of those people if ever with them out of my site. an i know once ONE thing happends you cant ever redo it or take it away . i think a moms responciblity top responciblity is to protect their children until they are grown an are able to do so for themselves. I still thinks moms after that take care of an stand up for an look out for the children oh yes. but when younger or not mature enough or responsible enough the mom should know that an stand up for them at every turn. I am protective yes. of both my boys..but they know what ever i can do for them I will try an i will always be there for them at every turn in their life as long as i am still breathing. and if possible event after that point. i have wanted childrne ever since i was a very young girl. I beleive God gave me them to love na protect..i plan on doing it . Some times when my boys are giving me moods acting up..i shake my head an have to smile an look away..i think I know God gives you nothing more then you can handle some times i just think..Are you sure you gave me the right two?)lol I love them but i am not one who likes to argue or have people with raised voices around me unles we are at a football game watching my youngest .then i might be one right ion there yelling an cheering. I suppose i might need to come in this site a bit more an click on the other peoples pictures an read those . i didndt know until lastnight when schmidty said something about that in his message to me. thanks you . an if you or anyone elses has any other ideas or knows somerthing please share it with me. I am stil looking for a good friend ..for my son . He needs to have someone to run around with or visit with games with,ride bikes what ever. nick has been studing to get his drivers lissens. though hasnt taken his temop test yet. alot of negative thinking people tell me he cant do it an he shouldnt be driving . i dont like being aorund people liek that. I have had that done to him since he was a baby. heck in preschool they didnt event think he should worry about learning to tie his shoe. they said there are velcro shoes now he doesnt need to tie. i said NO he will tie his shoe..velcro shoes are ugly an my son will not be wearing those. by end of that year he was tiing his thinks to the school..this was a preschool with therapies they gave up an didnt want to try to teach him..sad isnt it .i wonder how many other moms listened to the doublt an negativeity an beleived in those people rather then the ablitiyes of their own children? scary to me it is. that same school did that with his writing to spelling of his name. preschool.. didnt want to teach him to write his name said he could now adays sign with a X or a check mark. i said NO he has to write his name. documents ect he has to beable to write his name. i hired another girl an her help me teach him..he still when to his preschool i jsut used them for social but teaching i didnt learn on them for much they wanted to do littel an only wanted to work with easier kids i guess? anythow by end of year he wrote his first middle an last name.he could ties his schoes an everyone esles. they have done this to him ALL his life when he was in public schools. this is why we have homeschooled him. he is taught. i did try a few times to do public schools for him..but it awalys turend out the same they were awful. its like they have an idea an thats it. i could tell soo much more an i could share the names of the schools.too i have no problems with that. they pat themselves on the back for being great schools but see..the test score show high for distric becasues all peicla kids they exempt from the tests so not to count. not resposible for showing progress . If parents of special kids got more involved an not just go to ieps meeting ...but read online info kids with your kids,.talk to your kids ..give them your will see ..schools most of them not so great. my oldest son is home scholed..i have a certified teacher come in everyday 5 days a week..for 4-5 hours each day One on one. if anyone can help me help him..please let me know..i wouild love to speak with you. Next year should be meds out hopefull to help altiemers,autisium,fragle-x,asburgers..(they all envolve behaviores,retreaving information fromthe brain,social skills,memories)..they will piggy back on eachother on research thats done. one gain in one of theses disablities will have a domino will be wonferful an help soo many. in tries now should next year be out? think research right now is for fragel -x.
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Hello two teen boys, by now I am sure someone has messaged you. You have checked out all the right places to start. I don't know where you live...but, you can look up section 8 housing on line and find the info for your State and County. Yes, most everyone on here, came here looking for help. Just like yourself. Many stayed to offer friendship and services they have found that might help others. Some of us check in from time to time and try to help in what ever way we can. I know it is frustrating to feel so alone, but there are still resources available if you qualify. You have taken the first steps. You have shown interest in 31 pages so far and they are good pages! Good Luck and just be persistent & keep searching & asking. But let people know WHERE you live. Just the State and County. Sandav1
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